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Was ist „Reduktionismus“ und warum ist er in der Geschichte von Mondaine zentral?

What is ‘reductionism’ and why is it at the center of Mondaine’s story?

"Design" as a concept is defined as: Intent, planning, or intent that exists behind an action, fact, or object. Many designers use this concept to simplify a complex system to meet a need. This intention to rationalize is 'reductionism' at its core and has a major impact on the way design is viewed.

Hans Hilfiker, the designer of the legendary station clock of the Swiss Federal Railways , described the idea of ​​reductionism as: Anything added would be too much and anything left out would be missing. When Mondaine took the design of the Swiss train station clock and put it on the wrist, reductionism naturally became essential to our brand.

In a recent interview with Cool Hunting explains Mondaine's Andre Bernheim: “For many years we've seen the 'more is more' approach, but recently many customers have been craving something simple that tells a deep story. Mondaine's core positioning is simple, classic, timeless and heavily biased towards practicality. After all, the clock is mainly a device for telling the time. It sort of frees us from the ebb and flow of trends.”

What many now refer to as “minimalism” is not just an aesthetic choice. For us it is also the intention to use a product as simply and pleasantly as possible. At everyone Mondaine SBB or Helvetica clock (as well as wall clocks), the combination of clean lines, clear shapes and functional color scheme makes the time easy and clear to read at a glance

As technology and material capabilities shift, Mondaine will continue to keep reductionism at its core. When we add a new material like sustainable castor oil to the casing of our Introducing SBB essence watch , it is done with the intention of streamlining materials that we put into the world. And when our customers expect us to integrate activity, sleep, messaging and call tracking into our brand new connected Helvetica smartwatch , then we take on the challenge of doing it as clearly as possible.

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