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Sind Sie minimalistisch veranlagt? Fünf Zeichen, die dafür sprechen!

Are You a Minimalist? 5 Signs That You Are!

Here are some important signs:

1. You are naturally averse to waste.

Are you looking for food and other packaging that produces as little waste as possible? This is an indication that you want to minimize your impact, your lasting impact on nature.

2. You're happiest when you're wearing one or two colors.

Perhaps stick to a few shades for your entire wardrobe to make it easier to mix and match. Some textures or patterns will do if accompanied by a neutral piece. Accessories are simple, have clean lines, and often serve a purpose.

3. There is no clutter in your home and/or desk.

You might be a minimalist if your colleague's office, cluttered with papers and knick-knacks that he claims fuels his inspiration and the creative process, scares you the moment you walk past it. If you prefer an almost empty desk and feel creative with a calm mind and limited distractions, you might be a minimalist.

4. When you shop, aesthetics grabs your attention while practicality makes business.

Minimalists are often drawn to a clean, unfussy look and everything they wear needs to live up to that approach. Appearance alone is not enough, however. The idea of ​​minimalism is less, not more, so buying a new good is due to a need for functionality. They only buy what they will use and then use it often.

5. You use words like "subtle", "simple" and "plain" to describe your "place of well-being".

When you walk into your home and take in your few chosen and carefully arranged favorite decorative pieces, do you take a deep breath and think “this is perfect”? When asked about your style, do you use these words? If you answered yes to both questions, there's a good chance you're a minimalist.

As a brand, Mondaine has a penchant for minimalism. The SBB collection, for example, comes from a clock design that is reduced to just the essentials for easy reading of the time at the train station. And the idea behind the Helvetica font, which has inspired another watch collection of ours, comes from clean lines and legible shapes. Every little aspect of design that we incorporate into our watches is aesthetically meaningful and, most importantly, functional.

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