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Eine Reise durch die Schweiz

A journey through Switzerland

Summer time is travel time . But why wander into the distance when beauty is so close? In addition to mountains and lakes, there are many unique and unexpected things to discover in Switzerland . Our tour guide Dimitri Burkhard is a «Swiss specialist». As the founder and community manager of the online portal Newly Swissed, he takes us on four journeys of discovery across our diverse Switzerland.
The starting point of our four day trips was the iconic Mondaine Meeting Point in Zurich's main train station . From there, these journeys always led in a different direction.

direction west

Mobility of the future in the Swiss Museum of Transport

Lucerne Transport Museum

Our first journey from Zurich to Lucerne started without any traffic obstructions, comfortably and punctually on the train.

There we visited the legendary Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne to discover the “Mobility of the Future” exhibition. How will people travel in the future? What factors influence their mobility behavior – with demand continuing to rise? What influence do technological and social changes have? How will travel and logistics chains be organized in the future? This and much more is shown in the new exhibition “ SBB – Mobility of the Future ” in the Swiss Museum of Transport. The journey from the past to the future takes place in a futuristic train that offers a fun way to experience mobility. The four exhibition modules draw a line from the pioneering spirit of the beginnings to the developments in rail travel to digitization and the mobility of the future.

In 2017, the exhibition attracted more than 850,000 visitors.

Mondaine Watch at Verkehrshaus Luzern

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The essence of nature or on the trail of sustainability in Entlebuch

With the new "essence" series, Mondaine launched an international innovation in the watch industry! Based on renewable raw materials, the design classic Mondaine train station clock is not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. An innovation that sets important milestones in the watch industry. The watch case is made of renewable raw materials such as castor oil, the strap is based on natural rubber and the packaging is made of recycled PET and can be used as a case for a smartphone, for example - the new Mondaine series is beautiful and sensible, innovative and in tune with the Time.

Equipped with an essence watch on our wrists, we made our way to Entlebuch (Lucerne) to Stefan Wiesner's Landgasthof Rössli . The forest and meadow chef is known for his avant-garde culinary art and his boundless creativity. His creations are unique and combine enjoyment and awareness with philosophical ideas. He is also referred to by many as the «Witcher from Entlebuch».

Stephen Wiesner

Wiesner uses regional, fresh and healthy products from the surrounding forests, water bodies and fields for its natural cuisine. We were allowed to accompany the magician up close as he collected the ingredients for his dishes. In the nearby forest we looked for various herbs, from which a special creation should then be made in the evening. In the kitchen we then looked over Wiesner's shoulder as he and his experienced team prepared the dinner. The five course dinner was an absolute treat and an unforgettable experience.

Influencer Menu

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Direction south

A voyage of discovery to the south

Zurich main station

We stand in front of the Meeting Point at Zurich Main Station and admire the large clock under which countless people meet every day. Around two and a half years ago, Mondaine installed a “ stop2go ” movement in the Meeting Point watch. Every minute, the red disc stops for almost two seconds, the minute hand jumps forward and the seconds disc makes its next round, just like the more than 5,000 SBB clocks at Swiss train stations. A magical moment that Mondaine launched back in 2014 with the stop2go watch model, also in a small format for the wrist.

The two-second stop is made possible by the stop2go Mondaine 58-02 movement with two synchronized mini motors. One drive controls the second hand, the other the hour and minute hands with its minute jump.

Mondaine stop2go Official Swiss Railways Watch

What is the fastest way to travel to Ticino? By train. And what is the most beautiful train travel route? With the Gotthard Panorama Express . This is exactly how Dimitri and his wife Mamiko planned their trip to the sunny part of Switzerland on this beautiful summer weekend. The boat trip on the picturesque Lake Lucerne, from Lucerne to Flüelen and there you change to the train. The trip leads to Lugano via the old Gotthard route and is an experience for all the senses. The large windows of the Gotthard Panorama Express train offer a unique view of the various sights. So that no highlight is missed, the train slows down at various stations and you can learn exciting background information about the individual highlights from the train attendants.

Gotthard Panorama Express

Arrived in Lugano and freshly strengthened with a fine gelato, you continue on a Grotti boat tour. The special cruise ship runs in the summer months and takes guests to selected grottos directly on the lake shore of Lago di Lugano. Dimitri and Mamiko enjoyed an enjoyable and authentic Ticino dinner at Grotto Teresa.

An eventful evening is coming to an end and the next day the train takes you back to Zurich.


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direction east

When we hear Appenzell, the first thing we think of might be cows and cheese. But the canton of Appenzell has much more to offer. On our third trip to the East, we discovered unique hikes, Swiss innovation and culinary specialties.

The day starts early in the morning with the train journey to the Appenzell region. Once there, it goes straight to the Goba factory in Gontenbad. The Swiss company Goba AG sells mineral water, flauder and lemonade, which has its origins in the Appenzell Alpstein massif. During the tour of the modern factory, we learn exciting background information about the family business, which is now being run by the third generation.

A company with a lot of innovative power and a great passion for its unique products. A great parallel to Mondaine.

Swiss innovation

For more than 60 years, Mondaine has focused on the essential things and combines independent and timeless Swiss design with innovation, high craftsmanship, functionality and long-term use. This creates a piece of the Swiss way of life and makes the watches unmistakable and credible as an expression of modern life and independent style.

The Mondaine SBB evo models are timeless classics . Its slightly rounded case shape with an almost seamless transition to the case back is a concise design element and also offers a high level of wearing comfort. Fine lugs and a functional crown are in perfect proportional balance, ensuring a precise balance throughout the collection. The "Swiss Made" watches with a contemporary character also accompany us on our trip to Appenzell.

A sensual experience

Strengthened by a fine Appenzeller lunch, our journey continues on foot. From Gontenbad we hike the barefoot path to Jakobsbad. As the name suggests, this path should be walked barefoot. So we walk the approximately five kilometer long path without shoes. An unusual but at the same time very pleasant and liberating feeling. A special experience for all senses.

Barefoot path Appenzell

After the barefoot hike, we take the train to Wasserauen. In a rural atmosphere with a beautiful backdrop, we stroll to the Loki restaurant, a discarded train that has become an insider tip for restaurants. At Loki we enjoy a tarte flambée and an Appenzeller Goba-Flauder. On the train ride back to Zurich, we review the beautiful day and are happy about the unforgettable impressions we were able to experience.

Pop-up restaurant Loki Appenzell

You can find Dimitris Reise's blog post on Newly Swissed .

Direction north

How are Mondaine watches made? A look behind the "Swiss Made" scenes in Biberist

Mondaine Factory beaverist

Our last trip started early in the morning with the train ride to Biberist , Solothurn. Biberist is the location of the « Mondaine House », the place where Mondaine clocks are produced. Arriving at the factory, we are already expected for a tour behind the scenes. On an exciting tour of the factory, we experience first-hand how much precision, craftsmanship and perfect planning goes into the production of a Mondaine watch.

Mondaine Watch Factory

Countless “ Swiss Made” watches are created in Biberist every day with a great deal of finesse. Our current travel companion, the Mondaine SBB Simply Elegant , was also produced in Solothurn.

The special features of the Simply Elegant models are their simplicity, which is additionally emphasized by the ultra-flat case, their multifaceted bracelet variants and the scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

You can find Dimitri's blog post on Newly Swissed .

Werkraum Warteck pp, Basel

Immediately after the factory tour, the train continues to Basel, destination: Werkraum Warteck pp. What is the purpose of the Werkraum Warteck pp? Werkraum stands for the cooperation of different projects, companies and people under one roof. The building is called Warteck, the old brewery of the beer of the same name. "pp" means permanent provisional and stands for change and development.

Warteck Basel

Basel combines tradition and modernity in every respect, including in architecture. The Warteck is a unique, traditional building that combines architecture and craftsmanship - characteristics that also characterize Mondaine. Curious and overwhelmed by the architecture of the building, we were shown through the different rooms of the Warteck.

Around 30 years ago, the interior of the workshop looked completely different. At that time, the smell of malt wafted through the air and beer was produced. After the sale of the Warteck brewery to Feldschlösschen in 1989, the Warteck gradually developed into a hearth of creativity.

You can find Dimitri's blog post on Newly Swissed .

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